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Watercom Pipes Plus Plus V2005.8 - سایت بهداشت محیط ایران
سایت بهداشت محیط ایران
بهداشت محیط،آب وفاضلاب، مواد زائد ، بهداشت مواد غذایی،استخدامی بهداشت محیط

Watercom Pipes Plus Plus V2005.8

Watercom Pipes Plus Plus V2005.8
بند انگشتی, برای دیدن عکس به صورت کامل بر روی آن کلیک نمایید

PIPES++ is a program that does Single Balance or Extended Period Simulations of flow and water quality in a town water supply system. Components that can be modelled include:
• Reservoirs
• Pipes
• Pumping Stations
• Minor Head Losses
• Check Valves
• Reservoir Inlet Control Valves
• Various specialised control valves
• Pressure Reducing Valves
• Pressure Sustaining Valves
• Flow Control Valves
• Sprinklers
Pipe flows may be calculated using either the Colebrook White equation or the Hazen Williams equation. You draw the network on screen using lines to represent pipes and pre defined symbols to represent pumps, valves, reservoirs etc. If you already have the pipes drawn in a CAD system (eg Autocad) you can create a DXF file directly from that.

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