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PipeData-Pro v8.0.27 - سایت بهداشت محیط ایران
سایت بهداشت محیط ایران
بهداشت محیط،آب وفاضلاب، مواد زائد ، بهداشت مواد غذایی،استخدامی بهداشت محیط

PipeData-Pro v8.0.27

PipeData-Pro v8.0.27

بند انگشتی, برای دیدن عکس به صورت کامل بر روی آن کلیک نمایید


- PipeData-PRO is an easy to use program, giving access to a vast knowledge-base on pipe, pipe fittings, flanges and valves
- Information is quick and easy to find us clearly presented on screen in tabular and schematic form
- PipeData-PRO is an essential electronic reference for engineers preparing welding procedures and qualification tests
- PipeData-PRO is a useful dimensional reference for engineers undertaking re-ratings and fitness for service (FFS) assessments


PipeData-PRO increases efficiency by lightening the burden of 'looking-up' piping information. Information can be found by navigation using the drop-down menus or by a search utility.

Display units can be set to inches/millimetres and weights to pounds/kilograms.

The program has been reviewed by the committee members of ASME B31 Mechanical Design Committee, MSS-SP-97 Committee, and several committees to "right justify" ASME codes with ISO to properly metrify US standards.

The software is updated to comply with changes in piping specifications and Microsoft Windows operating system. Data and functionality are also added at regular intervals. These incremental enhancements are free to registered users and are available as inter-version updates from

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